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Dan The Man

cars and cats

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Dan The Man

Cat in a Bath

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Our goal is to support new and emerging artists from across the world, paying them what we can, wherever we can. By browsing and buying music on our platform, you will be supporting them too. We give 90% of all sales to our artists. But we go further. Popular tracks get put on our Jam24Radio playlist. If they’re the most popular tracks this week, they’ll be on the New Music Chart. And artists on the New Music Chart could find themselves invited to play live at our Jam24 gigs. We will also add them to our Spotify playlist and promote them on our socials.
We make it easy to sign up, and it’s FREE. We’re based in Britain, but we welcome musicians, producers, DJ’s or anyone making music from anywhere in the world.

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  • jitender13

    205 House number, mohali
    Himachal Pradesh, India

  • Taruna

    Newfoundland, Bahamas

  • parmila

    london, United Kingdom (UK)

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