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Walk in Baths

Do you want to regain your bathing independence with a walk in bath? There are few things more comforting in life than a long, warm, relaxing bath. Get this luxury back with the help of Age Care Bathrooms

An Age Care Bathrooms walk in bath makes it easy for people of all levels of mobility to enter and exit the bathtub. They have a very low entry step, with inward opening doors that lead into a level access slip-resistant base. For further ease and comfort, our walk in bathtubs power seat can be added to lift & lower you down into the tub, as well as a number of other safety features.

We believe that taking a relaxing bath is a very private experience, providing a chance to unwind, relieve stress and enjoy a little ‘me time’. Yet, if this time is interrupted by the worry of needing assistance getting in and out of the bathtub, the whole experience can be compromised. By providing easy access in and out, a walk in bath can offer you the peace of mind you need while bathing.

We can make your dream bathroom accessible.
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Each walk in bathtub is tailored specifically to your needs and budget. If you’re interested in a walk in bath, then call for your free quotation.

Why Choose Us

Our friendly UK-based team has over 30 years of experience installing walk in baths and we are proud to have helped hundreds of customers up and down the UK. If you require a walk in bathtub due to mobility issues or a disability, here is why you should choose Age Care Bathrooms:

Free no obligation quote

Once a site visit has taken place, we can give you a free no obligation quote for your walk in bath

We are an independent company

This means that we handle everything from start to finish, and have access to a wide range of products from manufacturers

We are fully qualified

Electrics, plumbing, joinery etc.is all done by us, there’s no 3rd parties involved

Our designs are created with safety in mind

From assistance poles to grab rails and seats, we ensure all our walk in baths include the safety essentials

Fast installation from start to finish

Our team can be as quick as 3 days for installation time

No mess left behind

Our installation team will take away all the rubbish with them so your new walk in bathtub is fully functional and ready to go

All Our Consultations Are Free with No Obligation

If you want to regain confidence and independence while showering with a bespoke mobility shower, get in touch today.

Virtual design service

3D CAD Designs

We are one of the first in our industry to offer an online virtual bathroom design service. Send us the dimensions of your current bathroom along with photos and we can show you how your new walk in bath could look in your home.

After listening carefully to your preferences and requirements, we will assist you in choosing the right walk in bathtub that suits your needs, along with any additional safety features that we feel would suit your situation. We will then offer you a free, no obligation quote including all fitting services. There are no hidden charges, our team carries out the installation and the removal of your old bathroom is all included.

Get in touch today so we can start designing your new Walk in Bath !

  • Send over your rough dimensions
  • Upload images of your current bathroom
  • Let us know your budget

Stylish and practical Walk in Bath Features

For added safety, you can have assistance poles or grab rails added to make it even easier and safer whilst getting in and out of the walk in bath. Speak to Age Care Bathrooms today for a quote by calling 0800 808 5897.

That’s why as standard, all of our Walk in Bath include the following:

As we get older, getting in and out of a standard bathtub can become a difficult task, even dangerous. The high sided walls, slippy floor and low seating can all be tricky to navigate, but all these problems can be solved with an easy access walk in bath. Many of our elderly customers opt for a walk in bathtub so that they can continue to enjoy a great luxury in the comforts of their own home, well into their later years in life.

  • Huge Range Of Styles
  • Fully Guaranteed
  • Accredited & Qualified Installers
  • Family Owned & Friendly Team

With additional features available such as spa bubbles, chromotherapy lighting and power seats, they are a great way to unwind and enjoy a little me time.

We provide a complete service without the need for subcontractors

Our free, no obligation quotation includes all fitting services such as –







Walk in Bath FAQs

Don’t worry our service comes complete with full waste removal. We want you to have minimal disruption, so we make sure all waste is removed and that your bathroom is ready to use immediately! In most cases, our installations take as little as 3 days.

Open the door, step inside, take a seat and close the door behind you, making sure that the door is fully closed and locked in place to form a watertight seal (the fitter can show you how to do this). Next, fill the tub with water to the desired level, sit back, relax and enjoy your bathing experience. Once you are done, drain the bath until completely empty, open the door and step out.

No, a correctly fitted walk in bath will not leak. Some may be concerned that the door could leak, but we have years of experience supplying and installing walk in baths and we have had many satisfied customers. We ensure that every walk in bathtub we install has a watertight seal around the door to prevent leaking. To preserve this seal, leave the door open when not in use and do not sit or lean on the door which could cause damage.

Most walk in baths require the same amount of water to fill as a standard bath. Exact volumes may vary depending on the style of tub you choose, but generally speaking they all hold a similar amount of water. We can discuss this with you before installation.

No. We fit all of our walk in baths with a thermostatically controlled mixer tap which regulates the temperature of your bath. This ensures that the tub fills up at a safe, comfortable temperature.

You typically hear about walk in bathtubs for the elderly, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t benefit just as well. They can make a great addition to any home, regardless of a person’s age or mobility.